Time-series data is defined as a collection of data gathered at regular intervals of time, with each consecutive data point in the series dependent on the previous data point. The time gap could be expressed in years, months, days, minutes, or even seconds.

What is the best way to solve a time series problem?

With the help of Arima, a Univariate model, we can solve a time series problem. Only a time-ordered target variable is required for this model.
The time series problem can alternatively be approached using Supervised Machine Learning. …

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing can be defined as the branch of computer science which helps a person with no computer science knowledge to make a computer work for him.

As we all know, since humans have invented computers accuracy, precision, and speed of doing a certain task has improved exponentially. Now human are solving Complex problems in secs which used to take hours when done manually. Computers have drastically changed our life, But this change is restricted to the peoples which have computer knowledge.

since the invention till know lot of development have happened in this field which helps the people…

what do we understand by clustering ???

Clustering can be defined as the collection of objects which are similar to each other, you can understand clusters as a group of same kinds of objects.

It helps us in solving bigger problems easily.

we all have seen ManVs Wild where the host of the programs is exploring in the forests, so whenever he finds new things whether its a plant or animal or fruits he tries to recall which all things are most similar to the new thing.

As an Indian, you all must have come across a word in your life “Karma”.

The simple meaning of karma is that our present and future is the result of past decisions. So that means that the future is not completely undefined, we could predict our future based on the decisions we take. we could choose our decision by learning the decision taken by peoples who have the same goal as yours.

To make things more simple let's take an example Rahul want to score good marks in a government exam. …

Machine learning is the ability of machine to learn from data . Does it mean if you provide data to computer it will learn itself , it doesn't work like that.

“How would you define machine learning ?” then

Hypothesis Testing

In our lifetime we all have come across some absurd claims, such as

  • The current Prime Minister of India only sleeps only for 4 hr.
  • UNESCO has declared the Indian national anthem as the best national anthem in the world.
  • The new 2000 rupee note comes with a nanochip installed in it.
  • Salman khan is a virgin.

and the list goes on.

so I always use to think, is there any way to find out whether these claims are true or not. …

Random variable

we can define a random variable as a variable that assigns a numerical value to each element in the set of any outcomes

For example

let assume a sample space of 4 student mark as fail and passed in the exam


when we pass this S set of the student into a random variable function which will return us a number of failed student. It will return

s= {4,3,2,1,0}

There are two types of Random variables

  • Discrete Random Variable
  • Continuous Random Variable

Discrete Random…

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